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O-RING, 3/32x1-5/16x1-1/2 BUNA N,70 DURO
.005 water only jewel Maxjet 5
.010" Orifice (Jewel) Maxjet 4"
.014 Orifice, Flat top, 3050 & 4055 Maxjet 4"
.35 micron filter, feed pump
.45 Micron Water Filter Pump Mounted
1 Micron Water Filter Pump Mounted
1/4" Ceramic Ball"
1/8" Airline fitting
1/8" Y Union
14 High Pressure Tube (Pump Dump Valve)
150cm3 Carbon Fiber CFF Spool
150cm3 Fiberglass CFF Spool
150cm3 High Temp Fiberglass CFF Spool
150cm3 Kevlar® CFF Spool
1Kg Stainless Steel Material
3/8 HP Coupling
3/8" Abrasive bulk feed tube 3/8OD 1/4ID
3/8" High Pressure Connector Kit
3: High Pressure Tube
4" Mixing Tubes 100 ID / .003
5/32 Garnet flow valve
50cm3 Carbon Fiber CFF Spool
50cm3 Fiberglass CFF Spool
50cm3 High Temp Fiberglass CFF Spool
50cm3 Kevlar® CFF Spool
600 lbs. capacity Bulk Abrasive Feed Tank feeds garnet to hopper on machine via air pressure.
8" High Pressure Tube
800cm3 Nylon Filament Spool
800cm3 Onyx Filament Spool
90° fitting
A Jet last chance filter and ring seal / o-ring
Abrasive Feed Tube 3/16" O.D. x 1/8" I.D. (100'roll)
Abrasive feed tubing 1/4"O.D. X 3/16" I.D.
Abrasive Grommet
Abrasive Hopper Bag for SRS
Abrasive Orifice .30 Feed Rate
Abrasive Orifice .50 feed Rate
Abrasive Orifice .750 Feed Rate
Abrasive Orifice 1.00 Feed Rate
Abrasive Orifice 1.40 feed Rate
Abrasive Orifice 1.80 Feed Rate
Abrasive Support Tube Bracket
Adapter, Manifold Filter
Adaptor 1/4" Female - 3/8" Male w/ gland & collar
Adaptor ring (Non press-on style)
Air Actuator Assembly
Air Solenoid Block without tubing
Anit Seize Lubricant 1 oz.
Anti – Seize
Anti Gall assembly lube 1/4oz.
Arctic Grease/Bentone Grease
Assembly, Mixing Chamber, 7/15 Mini Maxjet 5
Assy. Float Valve. Charge Pump
Assy. w/Side Ports Dual Port Swivel
Assy. w/Side Ports Dual Port Swivel
Assy. w/Side Ports Dual Port Swivel
Assy.m Back Up Ring
Back-up ring (new style)
Back-up ring (old style)
Backup ring (old style, also uses 301634 brass ring)
Bag, Turbo Seal., .5 Micron
Bear Shaft Rebuild Kit
Bearing Block used with floppy plungers
Bearing Pack
Bellows Repair Kit
Bimba Assembly
Blue Goop
Body Assembly Repair Kit, Adjustable
Brush, Cup, #3 SS Backing
Calcite Filter
Charge Pump
Charge Pump Retro Kit
Check valve (Square tank)
Check Valve Body (Enduromax)
Check Valve Body (new style cv)
Check valve body (Old style)
Check valve fitting - water
Check valve repair kit (old style inline)
Check valve retainer
Check valve retainer (New style CV)
Check valve retainer (outlet)
Check valve retainer (Press on)
Check valve spares rebuild kit (all pumps)
Check valve water lines 19 - 22" - 25" (set of 3)"
Chiller 12,000 BTU/hr 460V/3ph Recommended when water temperature is greater then 70 degrees
Chiller 24,000 BTU/hr 460V/3ph Recommended when water temperature is greater then 70 degrees
Clamping Bar Plug
Clean extended bag filter
Clean extended bag gasket
Collar 1/4"
Collar 3/8"
Collet 1/4" slotted
Collet 3/8" slotted
Control float lever assem.
Coolant Housing
CSFT Nozzle Muff
Cup seal (old style plunger)
Cylinder (Enduromax)
Desktop and Industrial Series Plastic Nozzle Pack
Desktop Series Plastic Bowden Tube
Desktop Series True Bed
Differential Card
Dirty bag filter
Drybox Adapter
Dual On/Off Rebuild Kit (Integrated/new style)
Dual on/off rebuild kit (old style)
Dump Valve Jewel (-09)
Dump Valve Jewels (-10) Minijet
Dump Valve Jewels (-13)
Dump valve orifice assem. (Minijet)
Dump Valve Orifice Old Style
Dump Valve Rebuild Kit - Tilt-A-Jet Only
Dump valve seal assem.
Dynamic seal
Dynamic seal & retainer assembly
Dynamic seal (fat boy)
Dynamic seal assem. newest 3050+4055
Ebbco Bag Filter Seal #2
EnduroMAX Liquid Displacer
EnduroMAX Manifold Nipple
EnduroMax Pump Major Rebuild Kit
EnduroMax Pump Minor Rebuild kit
Feed Block, Abrasive Valve
Filter #4 O-ring
Filter Seal Assembly Removal Tool
Filter, Air
Filter, Fluted, Package of 5
Final Filter 0.2 micron
Final filter Ring Seal
Fitting, Ring, 3/8 HP
Fusible Mixing Tube, 30° Tip, 60° Chamfer
Fusible Mixing Tube, 30° Tip, 60° Chamfer
Gasket, Lid Rim
Gland Nut (scissors plumbing)
Gland nut 1/4"
Gland Nut 3/8"
Grease for Electric Motor
Hi Pressure Swivel Assembly
High Pressure Power "Z" tube (U-shape)
High pressure seal kit (new style P2040)
High pressure seal kit (old style P2040)
High pressure seal kit (P3050 + P4055)
High Pressure Tube "U" Shape
High Pressure Tube 12" Long
High Pressure Tube 143"(rear of 55100)
High Pressure Tube 168" long Whip for 55100
High Pressure Tube 17" Long
High Pressure Tube 18" Long
High Pressure Tube 26" Long
High Pressure Tube 3.5" Long
High Pressure Tube 31" Long
High Pressure Tube 36" Long
High Pressure Tube 4" Long
High Pressure Tube 43" Long
High Pressure Tube 45" Long
High Pressure Tube 48" Long
High Pressure Tube 50" Long
High Pressure Tube 55" Long
High Pressure Tube 55" Long
High Pressure Tube 65" Long
High Pressure Tube 66" Long
High Pressure Tube 89" Long
High Pressure Tube Coil for Tilt-a-Jet (scissors plumbing)
High Pressure Tube for 80160
High Pressure Tube for Power Z (scissors plumbing)
High Pressure Tube Goose Neck 24
High Pressure Tube Goose Neck 40"
High Pressure Tubing kit for 55100 (non scissors)
Hose - 19" (also available as kit in 300860-61-62)
Hose - 22" (also available as kit in 300860-61-62)
Hose - 25" (also available as kit in 300860-61-62)
Hurricane Filter (box of 2) polishing filter
Industrial Series Plastic Bowden Tube
Industrial Series Plastic Extruder
Industrial Series Replacement Visor
Industrial Series True Bed
Inlet Body Ring Seal Maxjet 5
Inlet Body, A-Jet
Inlet Body, Right
Integrated On/Off Valve Body
Internal Thread Check Valve Body
Jet-Lube Temp Guard Synthetic Moly Disulfide Grease (204248)
Jewel .010 (Includes filter & seal O-ring) Maxjet 5
Jewel .015 (Diamond) Maxjet 5
Kit, Repair, Pull to Open Valve On/Off
Kit, Repair, TAJ, Pull to Open Valve
Last Chance Filter with O-Ring
Leadscrew Assy., Tilt-a-Jet
Linkage Arm, Tilt-a-Jet
Lock washer (check valve)
Locking nut Maxjet 4
Lubriplate Grease
Major Pump Rebuild Kit
Manifod Upgrade
Manifold Assembly
Mark One Fiber Bowden Tube
Mark One Fiber Cutting Blade
Mark One Fiber Extruder
Mark One Fiber Rollers
Mark One Nozzle Pack
Mark One Nylon Bowden Tube
Mark One Nylon Extruder
Mark One Print Head
Mark One PTFE Nozzle Inserts
Mark One USB Factory Reset Thumb Drive
Mark Two and Onyx Series Plastic Extruder
Mark Two Enterprise Print Head
Mark Two Fiber Extruder
Mark Two Fiber Tube Tip Pack
Maxjet 4.014 Orifice, Bowl top, P2040 only
MaxJet 5 Diamond Jewel .010" size
MaxJet 5 Diamond Jewel in Box
Maxjet 5 Inlet Body (Integrated)
Maxjet 5 Jewel (includes filter and seal O-ring)
Maxjet 5 Mixing Chamber
Maxjet 5 Mixing Chamber Disc
MaxJet 5 Mixing Tube
MaxJet 5 Mixing Tube
Maxjet 5 Mixing Tube Collet
MaxJet 5 Mixing Tube Nut
Maxjet 5 Nozzle Body
Maxjet 5 Nozzle Body with Mixing Chamber
Maxjet 5i nozzle assembly
Maxjet 5i nozzle assembly kit with filters
Minor Pump Rebuild Kit
Mixing Tube 2.5" .021" Dia. Mini Jet Maxjet 5"
Mixing tube O-ring
Mixing tube sleeve
Mixing Tube, Minijet ID .015"
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Nozzle Assembly, Maxjet 5i, Diamond
Nozzle Assembly, Maxjet 5i, Diamond
Nozzle body assembly Maxjet 4
Nozzle guard Maxjet 4
Nozzle Guard Maxjet 5
Nozzle inlet body integratedMaxjet 4
Nozzle inlet body Max5 Tilt-A-Jet
Nozzle inlet body Non-integrated Maxjet 5
Nozzle Integrated with Diamond Orifice .010
Nozzle Muff
Nut, Acorn, M6x1, SS
On/Off Seat
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